Paulina Gretzky Forced to Shut Down Her Sexy Twitter (With Photos)

Wayne puts his daughter's sexy twitpics over the boards

Paulina Gretzky, the daughter of hallowed hockey hero Wayne Gretzky, used to have a Twitter page full of borderline raunchy photos of herself and her equally hot friends partying and in various stages of undress.

But the Great One put a stop to it, apparently.

Shortly before she shut her page down, she tweeted: "Having a nice sit-down dinner with my dad about social media. Haha."

We're guessing that conversation went something like this:

Wayne: "Stop posting naked pictures of yourself on the Internet or I will kill you."

Paulina: "Sorry dad."

Wayne scored more assists than any other NHL player scored total points. But he doesn't want to see his daughter scoring on Twitter.

One of the main reasons Wayne wanted her to shut it down (aside from millions of guys gawking at his half-naked daughter) was that he is currently in a bid to buy the Toronto Maple Leafs and doesn't need any distractions from his daughter to muddle the deal.

Now, when you try to go to you get a "Sorry that page doesn't exist" notification. Which is causing almost as much sadness as when Wayne himself retired.

Wayne has never come out and publicly said anything about his daughter's Twitter page, but you can probably assume he wasn't a fan, even if he wasn't going to be buying the Leafs.

We'll see what the 22-year old will come up with next becasue she clearly likes the camera and will need to find an outlet in her attempt to become the next Kim Kardashian. If her dad's deal falls through, we'd expect this page to be back up the following day. Or maybe she can parlay it into a TV show, which would undoubtedly be more popular than her dad's sport.

If you missed some of her photos, here's a few of the best ones. As you can see, she's a fan of the duckface, and of the hipstamatic. And of not wearing clothes:

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