The Sports Pumpkin Carvings We Thought We'd Never See

Here's a list of the least expected sports-related pumpkin carvings

Back in the day, carving a jack-o-lantern was pretty easy. You cut three triangles, a crooked smile with bad teeth, lit a candle and voila, it was Halloween. Now, it seems that you need a Ph.D in stencil to make your pumpkin stand out in your neighborhood.

Here's a collection of the weirdest and least likely sports-related pumpkins we thought we'd ever see. 

1. Placido Polanco Pumpkin


2. Ahman Green Pumpkin


3. Manny Acta Pumpkin

4. Rasheed Wallace Pumpkin

5. Jack Nicklaus Pumpkin

6. Knowshon Moreno Jumpin' Pumpkin

7. Mike Lowell MVP Pumpkin

8. Ozzie Guillen Pumpkin

9. Mike Holmgren Pumpkin

10. The Oklahoma City Thunder Pumpkin

11. Stan Musial Pumpkin

12. Yadier Molina Pumpkin (Apparently people in St. Louis like carving pumpkins)


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