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Top 20 Alternate Uniforms of the 2017 College Football Season


The 2017 college football season has brought us some of the best alternate uniforms and helmets in history. From honoring others to good causes, we loved every reason teams had for bringing these awesome uniforms to the field.

They were impossible to rank because each team had a method to their madness so we're just glad to shout them out.

Honorable Mention: #HoustonStrong decals

After Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, there was an outpouring of support among many college football teams. Honorable mention goes to the different symbols of support from around the country.

20. Utah

You always see guys throwing up Miami's "U", but Utah's "U" is understated and very cool especially when you put it on a helmet. When the Utes brought out these hand-crafted lids, they were the talk of the night (and for good reason).

19. Iowa

It's pretty difficult to go wrong with an all-black combo. Iowa proves just that. Black on black definitely works for the Hawkeyes and add that to the blackout in Kinnick Stadium, and it was a beautiful sight to behold. 

18. Minnesota

This should be the Gophers' regular helmet. Who doesn't want to see Goldy the Gopher on the lids all season long? That on one side, the iconic M on the other is a recipe for success in the eyes of many.

17. Colorado State

Colorado State has a really underrated standard uniform but when the Rams came out with the state pride, we were all fans. It's a complete 180 from the normal colors but somehow it just worked for them.

16. Texas A&M

Bright Lights uniforms in College Station, Texas. The deep maroon keeps the uniform simple and add in the under-the-radar-chrome logo on the helmet with the fade of colors, and you got one combination we would love to see more of in the future.

15. UNLV

The tragedy in Las Vegas caused the Rebels to break out a matte black helmet to pay tribute to the victims and their families. The red Las Vegas ribbon was a symbol of solidarity and aside from everything else, the whole thing was beautiful to look at.

14. Bethune-Cookman

This may be a lid that slipped past a lot of people, but the Wildcats' "We All We Got, We All We Need" helmet is definitely flames. Can't go wrong with a simple matte black with a little message in there.

13. Georgia Southern

Slightly unconventional pick, but the Eagles brought a classic look to the field in 2017. Georgia Southern sported a gray uni combo but it's the cursive font that really makes this traditional look work.

12. Houston

The Cougars had a couple of options in 2017, including the all-white "Iced-Out" combo, but the Cougars' chrome is undeniable. They wore it with multiple color combinations, and each time it was a success. 

11. Kansas

Love, love, love the typeface on these jerseys. Kansas outdid itself with the whole old-timey theme pouring into the numbers, helmets, patches, and gloves.

10. UCF

There were a few choices from UCF that could've made the list, but this one was obvious. The Knights decided to show appreciation for the hard work their players have put into the program by placing a snapshot of each one in action on the logo on the helmet. Very cool touch by all involved on this one. This one was understated and overlooked by many.

9. Navy

Navy isn't known to step too far outside the box but when it does, it definitely works. The helmets set this uniform combo off and the little details all around are a 10 out of 10. The Midshipmen couldn't hold back for the Army-Navy game. 

8. Louisville

Louisville's main attraction this season, aside from Lamar Jackson, was the red chrome helmets. The Cardinals paired it with multiple uni combos this season from all-white to red. They quickly became a fan favorite so expect to see these in the future.

7. Army

Army came with the clean "Climb to Glory" uniforms complete with a panda on skis. Come on, who doesn't love that? Plus these are a tribute to the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division. A cool jersey is only made cooler by the potential meaning behind them.

6. Notre Dame

Notre Dame doesn't make a lot of "Best Alternate" lists, but we couldn't leave these off. It's always hit or miss when you have a throwback but all the details from the helmets to the cleats were very well done. Bring back some of the old and mixing it with the new.

5. Miami

Nothing like those Miami nights. The Canes brought out these all black jerseys and they were a fan favorite. This combo complimented the glitz and glam of the turnover chain. It's not usually said, but mark this as a win in the adidas column. 

4. Ohio State

Some weren't too fond of these but you got to love the simple black and white with the pop of the red helmet stickers. The Buckeyes really went into their bag of tricks when it came to the uniforms this season and many took notice.

3. UAB

One of the first uniforms that come to mind for this season was UAB's grey/lime green combo to honor patiets at the Children's Harbor. The color wasn't a big hit with many but it worked, plus you can't arue with such a good cause. 

2. Arizona State

Very few programs could top the Veterans' Day uniforms from Arizona State. The color, meaning and overall look makes this an unforgettable uni from the Sun Devils and we wouldn't mind seeing this one again. 

1. Oregon

Any list talking about uniforms isn't complete without Oregon. The Ducks dazzled with all their combos this season, from green to bright yellow, but the one that stood out was the Stomp Out Cancer uniforms they wore against Nebraska. Silver chrome lid, old school duck, and great design all around. It's easy to see why the Ducks are always among the best-dressed.