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Top 10 Plays of the 2017 NBA Finals


10. LeBron Dunks on JaVale (Game 1)

Game 1's final score wasn't close, but just a little over nine minutes into the game the Cleveland Cavaliers were hanging with the Golden State Warriors. This dunk by LeBron James showcased the King's power, and embarrassed JaVale McGee at the same time.

9. Lebron Dunks on Iggy (Game 2)

LeBron wasn't stopping for anybody in his way when he set his eyes on the basket. This play was no different, as he threw a powerful dunk on Andre Iguodala.

8. Draymond to Andre for the Alley-Oop (Game 5)

While it may not be the best alley-oop of the series, this was definitely an exciting play. From a team that's not really known for it, this was an alley-oop that was memorable.

As if the crowd needed any more energy in this situation, it energized the crowd for the last minutes of the NBA Finals.

7. Kyrie Euro-steps to the Basket (Game 3)

Kyrie was able to use the Euro-step to perfection in order to make it through traffic in Game 3.

At the time of this play, the basket gave the Cavaliers their largest lead of the game, and the Cavs fans were going crazy.  

6. Stephen Curry Shakes off Tristan Thompson (Game 1)

Stephen Curry was able to take advantage of Tristan Thompson's defense in Game 1, using his insane handles to get past Thompson. Curry's finish at the basket wasn't too shabby either, scoring while surrounded by Cavs players.

5. LeBron Dunks on Durant (Game 5)

Early in Game 5, it looked as if the Cavs had a good chance to force a Game 6. LeBron was able to take advantage of a two-on-one situation and dunk on Kevin Durant.

4. LeBron with the Alley-Oop to Himself (Game 4)

This play definitely looks great on a highlight reel, and one could make the argument that it should be higher on this list. However, a couple things hold it back.

While there is no denying that it took a lot of talent, the fact that the game was out of hand, and that he was dunking on a teammate cause it to be lower than if he had pulled off the dunk on Kevin Durant.           

3. Kyrie Gets Fancy at the Buzzer (Game 3)

In a really impressive sequence of events, Kyrie wrapped up the first half of Game 3 in style.   

Kyrie threw Shaun Livingston off with the spin cycle, and took it hard to the basket. The ball bounced around for a second, but it finally dropped as time expired. This play capped off a huge first half for the Cavs.

2. Steph Dribbles all around LeBron (Game 2)

For the second time on this list, Curry used his handles to break someone. This time the victim was LeBron James, creating for one of the most memorable plays in the series.

Whether or not it was a double dribble is a debate that can be held over this, but it doesn't change the fact that he dribbled all around LeBron.

1. KD Silences Cleveland (Game 3)

This is one of those plays that changes the entire outlook of the series. This 3-Pointer capped off a late-game comeback, and while there was still time for the Cavs to come back, KD seemed to suck the energy out of the arena and provide the knockout punch in the game.

Had Durant missed this shot, the series momentum easily could have been shifted in Cleveland’s direction.