Michael Vick

Top 10 Freshmen in College Football History

Herschel Walker vaulted Georgia over the top long before Johnny Football took home the Heisman.
<p> Top 10 Freshmen in College Football History, including Georgia running back Herschel Walker, San Diego State running back Marshall Faulk, Texas A&amp;M quarterback Johnny Manziel, Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, Wisconsin running back Ron Dayne, Oregon cornerback George Shaw, Texas Tech receiver Michael Crabtree, Virginia Tech quarterback Michael Vick, Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett and Ohio State linebacker Andy Katzenmoyer.</p>

A freshman claimed college football’s most prestigious award for the first time ever this season when Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy. But Johnny Football is nowhere near the first frosh to make a splash on the national scene during his rookie season. These are the 10 freshmen — of both the true and redshirt variety — who made the biggest impact in college football history.

2001 NFL Draft Revisited

We take a look back at one of college football's best classes.
<p> We take a look back at one of college football's best classes.</p>

By Jake Veyhl

Scan the list of the 2001 NFL Draft first-round selections below and you’ll probably recognize quite a few of the biggest names from college football. There are future Hall of Famers, franchise staples who are still with the organizations that drafted them and guys who have bounced around the league. And of course, there are a few busts.

Top 25 Players of the BCS Era