Kendrick Perkins

Ranking the NBA’s Biggest Trash Talkers

These Guys Have the Gift of Infuriating Gab

A list of the NBA’s best trash talkers might also read as “the game’s most old-school dudes.” In our modern, hyper-aware media era, such behavior can quickly become public knowledge, as nearly all affluent Americans carry a phone that’s also a video camera and a microphone. So it takes a truly dedicated verbal bully — a special sort of vinegar-tongued competitor — to keep speaking in dirty, destructive insults when they could so easily be outed for it.

Kendrick Perkins Drops 32 Pounds; Is New Biggest Loser Winner

The OKC forward dropped a lot of offseason weight
<p> The OKC forward dropped a lot of offseason weight</p>

The Biggest Loser winner was revealed last night, but I think we may have a new loser who might be vying for second place.

Kendrick Perkins put on a few pounds last year. He's not the type of player known for lack of effort. The Oklahoma City Thunder player apparently packed on all his 2010 pounds after suffering a knee injury.