Baseball drug testing

Baseball Drug Testing: Ryan Braun Wins, Fans Lose

NL MVP Suspension Overturned
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<p> Just when fans thought it was safe to believe baseball was PED-free, the Ryan Braun testing debacle happened.</p>

by Charlie Miller

Baseball fans finally made it to third base, on the cusp of believing that MLB and its players are clean — standing on third base, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to celebrate a PED-free game with Ryan Braun and MLB itself coming up to bat. But both Braun and MLB struck out, leaving fans stranded at third.

I’m sure Braun feels like he just hit a home run, getting a 50-game ban overturned. But fans feel stranded. MLB probably feels like it just got called out on strikes on a pitch in the dirt. (Hey, it happens.) But fans feel stranded.