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5 MLB Teams on the Rise in 2017

After going an MLB-worst 59-103 in 2016, Brian Dozier and the Twins are hoping for better results this season
5 MLB Teams on the Rise in 2017

Spring training is winding down, and rosters are being finalized. As each of the 30 Major League Baseball clubs prepares to leave sunny Arizona or Florida, we take a look at five clubs capable of putting poor past results behind them. Expect these clubs to be on the rise in 2017.


Ranking the Best and Worst MLB Logos in 2016

We asked a graphic designer to rank them all.
Ranking the Best and Worst MLB Logos in 2015

Brand recognition is important in today’s business climate and that includes professional sports. One critical component to a team’s identity is its logo. While fans certainly relate to the players, it’s the team’s logo that’s displayed prominently on the uniform and pretty much every piece of memorabilia or merchandise.


Training Day with Mike Trout

Mike Trout is already the best, but he’s working hard to be even better.
Mike Trout is already the best, but he’s working hard to be even better.

Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout, 24, is seemingly the perfect player. He’s a five-tool threat who reminds old-school scouts of Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. He’s also the dream of every new-age stat-nerd, with more total Wins Above Replacement (sabermetric stat to “summarize a player’s total contributions to his team”) by his age than anyone in history, including all-timers like Ty Cobb and Ted Williams.


Los Angeles Angels Mt. Rushmore (Franchise Four)

An owner, a manager and a couple of players adorn the Angels' Mt. Rushmore
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<p> Whether you know them as the Los Angeles Angels, the California Angels, the Anaheim Angels or the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, this franchise has had some success under each name. But who as the four individuals comprising the Angels' Mt. Rushmore?</p>

Major League Baseball is promoting an effort to identify the best four players in each team’s history with their "Franchise Four." We selected our choices for Mt. Rushmores a few years ago. Here are updated versions for all 30 teams. Who are the four baseball players that have risen above all others for each organization? The question sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Let the arguments begin.

Los Angeles Angels Mt. Rushmore