XFL Football: 2020 XFL Standings

The top two teams from each conference will advance to the playoffs

On March 12, the XFL announced it was canceling the rest of its regular season.



While the XFL didn't specifically cite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as the reason for the decision, the NBA, MLB, NHL, the NCAA, and many other leagues have suspended operations and canceled games and championship tournaments in response to this global public health threat.




The NFL season may be over, but professional football remains in our lives thanks to the rebooted XFL.


Eight new franchises have emerged and are playing over a 10-week regular season from Feb. 8 to April 12. The teams are broken up into two conferences, and the top two finishers from each will advance to the postseason.


One unique thing the league is doing this season involves tiebreakers. Should teams finish the regular season with the same record, touchdown differential is the second tiebreaker after head-to-head record. It's an interesting way to encourage teams to be more aggressive on offense.


So who will emerge victorious in the second go-around of this football league? The Los Angeles Xtreme won it all in 2001 after the Orlando Rage had the best regular-season record. Let's see what this season has in store.


  XFL East W L TD Diff Point Diff
1 St. Louis BattleHawks 3 2 3 20
2 New York Guardians 3 2 -1 -6
3 DC Defenders 3 2 -3 -7
4 Tampa Bay Vipers 1 4 -4 -17


  XFL West W L TD Diff Point Diff
1 Houston Roughnecks 5 0 7 47
2 Los Angeles Wildcats 2 3 4 7
3 Dallas Renegades 2 3 -3 -12
4 Seattle Dragons 1 4 -3 -32
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